Everyday Life

Tips and Tricks

Here are some advices and tricks  for living better with this syndrome and making life easier for patients

– Think about asking for a personalized school plan at school as soon as possible

– To limit mirror movements when the other hand is working : find something to grab hold or an object to press hard with the mirror hand or  maintain your hand under your buttocks.

– Take heavy objects with both hands to avoid an important stiffening of the hand that would not be carrying. 

– In general, for manual activities, the standing position is better.

– Magnetic laces are usefull when it is difficult to tie your shoes.

– Anti-slip and electrostatic carpet is convenient so that the paper does not move when you write.  

– Loosen the front brake of a bike to avoid falls (there is a risk of braking with both hands and more strongly with the dominant hand). 

– Horseback riding is an excellent sport (it gives self-confidence and is an ongoing exercice of one hand  then the other).

Brig your contribution by giving us your own tips. 

What you tell us about your syndrome

When you have mirror movements, it is not impossible to practice the sport or music !

Do not hesitate to tell us about your own activities !